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Film & Television Model & Talent Fashion & Print Screen & Stage Music & Sound
  Within the Fashion & Print (FP) Channel of PGDIRECT, you are able to search the database of everything you need for your next photo shoot or print campaign or if you are looking for the right photographer, stylist or graphic designer...its all a few key strokes away.
 Advertising Agencies that have  billings over $3 Million
 Casting & Talent Services
 Crews & Unions
 Graphic Designers
 Print Business & Labs
 Production Companies / Producers
 Prop Houses / Prop Specialists
 Support Services


From these key sections, the categories of information are divided up by over 800 different categories that fall within the sections listed above. For your convenience, the web site is designed identically to the printed publication.


The new FASHION & PRINT DIRECTORY - The Madison Avenue Handbook has nearly 400 pages and 5,000 listings in the printed edition. One of the key elements of the Fashion & Print Channel is its comprehensive list of the top Fashion Designers from around the world, as well as over 1,000 Client Brand Name Companies, Catalogue Houses, Department Stores, Fashion Firms/Houses with contact names. In addition, there is a new section dedicated to Event Marketing Companies.

As part of PGDIRECT, you are able to email companies directly from PGDIRECT, as well as check out their web sites without ever leaving PGDIRECT. Please remember that as we continue to add companies to our database, as well as update existing information on daily, so that we can provide you updated information on the web site within minutes.

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