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  Within the Music & Sound (MS) Channel of PGDIRECT, you are able to search the database of everything you need for the Music industry. Everything from Artist Management Companies to Record Labels. So, if you are an artist looking for management or a producer looking for a recording studio, you are at the right place.
 Arrangers & Composers
 of Original Music
 Artist Management
 Distribution for Independent
 Record Labels

 Distribution for Major
 Record Labels

 Independent Record labels
 Major Record Labels
 Music Instruments
 Music Libraries
 Music Organizations
 Music Producers
 Music Publishing
 Recording Studios


From these key sections, the categories of information are divided up by different categories that fall within the sections listed above. For your convenience, the web site is designed identically to the printed publication.


As part of PGDIRECT, you are able to email companies directly from PGDIRECT, as well as check out their web sites without ever leaving PGDIRECT. Please remember that as we continue to add companies to our database, as well as update existing information on daily, so that we can provide you updated information on the web site within minutes.

The Music & Sound information is included as part of the FILM & TELEVISION DIRECTORY, because of its importance this area plays in creating a feature film or television production.

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